Scott Inness Collection

Scott Inness was the concept of design duo and friends Gill Hastings and Jill Henderson. Gill and Jill were fortunate to meet just at a time when they both had the opportunity to look for a new channel for their ambitions. Having pursued careers in the different fields of law and travel for many years, both women were keen to realise a long held ambition to create and develop their own business which would allow them be creative, to work from home – a bonus for working mothers – and most importantly, to have fun in the process!

Meeting up for a coffee one summer’s afternoon in 2007 led to the furious scribbling by both women, of an array of business ideas onto the back of a roll of wallpaper! Realising they had an ideal combination of business skills and experience with a shared passion for design, they combined their maiden names of Scott and Inness to create the company name and embarked upon designing beautiful “must-have” Scottish Inspired Products.

After a fantastic 7 year journey Scott Inness has experienced unprecedented success, won multiple awards and had lots of fun along the way! In 2014 Scott Inness began a new adventure with Gill Hastings taking the business forward